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Download the Bankes Piglet Cards
(12 cards, front and back, PDF, 4.2 MB)
Twelve dynamic and diverse piglet characters illustrate various spending and saving scenarios. Students are challenged to help their piglet friends develop responsible financial habits!
Download a list of participating state CPA societies
(3 pages, PDF, 300K)
Invite a local CPA to visit your classroom to talk with your students about the importance of saving and budgeting. State CPA societies are available to help you arrange the visit!
Download the Feed the Pig for Tweens Teachers Guide
(12 pages, PDF, 5 MB)
Guide includes activity instructions, teaching tips, assessment rubrics, extension activities, Bankes Bucks
play money, and a reproducible
goal-setting take-home activity!
The Feed the Pig for Tweens classroom kit includes the tools you need to help your students develop sound saving and spending habits while reinforcing critical math skills in a fun and engaging way!
We invite you to download the complete kit and start teaching today!
Download The Great Piglet Challenge Interactive Web game
(Click here for system requirements)
This animated, fast-paced whack-a-pig game gives students the opportunity to try out their responsible financial decision-making skills. Invite your students to download it and play at home too!